1 July 2007

Lessons in Gardening

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Even though I’d helped my grandfather with his garden when I was a child, I still learn new things about gardening every year. Here is just a small list of lessons taught to me by the small city garden plot I’ve maintained for the last several years.
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4 June 2005

No more plants!

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I am not allowed to buy any more plants for my garden.

Yesterday, Gastronomicon co-author April and I went to Chapon’s Greenhouse in search of the very last thing we wanted for our respective gardens: Thai basil. Sadly, they claim they will not be getting any in this year. Even though I repeatedly asked her to talk me out of buying other plants instead, I walked out of there with five new ones. Of course, someone else came out of there with two new ones, as well. At least I talked myself out of a new windowbox and three everbearing strawberry plants. After bringing everything home and doing some planting, rearranging and uprooting/potting, I now have a full garden, two full windowboxes, and five potted plants on the front porch.
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