12 February 2007

Bigmouth Strikes Again

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After reading my most recent, shameless-cookie-lauding post, my dear mom felt it necessary to make sure I could walk the talk…so she gave me this:

maida book

I guess I asked for it, huh?

26 January 2007

Technical Difficulties

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Gastronomicon is experiencing some technical weirdness. As a result, the sidebars and some of the html might look weird for a bit. We’ll have to wait for rlink to return from Philly (since the blog is hosted on an old machine of his) to get things straightened out.

Edit: All better. –rlink

27 September 2006

Music and Mail

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I am currently enjoying a bit of a musical crush on Orhan Gencebay, after watching the movie Crossing the Bridge and subsequently listening to his contribution to the soundtrack. In the heat of my lust, I discovered some more of his stuff on some excellent Turkish music sites. Although much of his material isn’t quite as interesting to me as the acoustic track from the movie (which was just brilliant), it has not stopped my love-in just yet (and besides, who can resist this GAZE??)

Ahem. In other news, I am so glad that Mariya of The Food Whore Next-Door received her Blogging By Mail package from me, and that it arrived intact. Now I can safely add her to my links without arousing suspicion. ;) Do check out her blog, it’s very dessert-based (yum!). The cupcakes she makes are just stunning, and the other things are so creative. In fact, she just posted about a treat made with agar-agar, which is particularly exciting to me as I don’t do gelatine and am always on the lookout for how to use agar-agar in recipes.

As if in complicity with the arrival of the package to Mariya, the postal service delivered my Blogging By Mail package this morning, from Emily of Chocolate in Context in Australia. The contents are cute and I’m looking forward to trying them. Emily included some Outback Dukkah spice mix, which smells absolutely divine, a little jar of Tasmanian honey, a tiny packet of green tea, and a bar of artisanal chocolate in lovely wrapping. Also she included a newpaper section about food in Australia, and on the cover is a huge picture tempting the reader with recipes for The Perfect Scone, which is auspicious because scones are one of my favourite things to make! Can’t wait to try out the recipes. Thanks, Emily…


13 September 2006


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I dropped my camera the other day. On concrete. Not fun. So, although it’s not completely dead, it is behaving rather erratically and will only operate with much coaxing. So there may not be many posts (or posts with pictures) until I can get a new one. Then again, there’s also the idea of bribing friends with nice cameras to come over and take pictures in exchange for food. :)

In the meantime, here’s a peek at some of rlink’s last summer tomatoes…


1 July 2006

Piscean Pleasures

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There is nothing quite like being up to one’s elbows in blood, guts, and fish scales at 3PM on a Saturday afternoon.

Furthermore, there is sushi neither fresher nor more satisfying than that cut directly from the body of a living creature caught by one’s own hand and eaten on the spot, before the actual gore-fest commences.