21 January 2007

Squid and Cranberry Salad

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A while back, the owners of a long-since closed local bar and small concert venue decided to turn their empty space into a restaurant serving rustic Southern Italian cuisine. The dining room may be full of so much kitch that it looks like your crazy Italian grandmother’s house, but the food more than makes up for it. One of the menu items that I love is a squid and cranberry salad. I’m not sure how cranberries factor in to Italian cuisine, but I’ve tried to recreate the dish anyways.
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12 December 2006

Blogging by Mail!

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My BBM Holiday Package! (well, what’s left of it…)
BBM Holiday 06

A couple of days ago, I received my Blogging by Mail package! It was from from a guinea pig with a wok at wok with me (love the name of her blog), whose blog I’d never read before but will definitely begin doing so regularly – she’s got some great-looking recipes there. I can’t believe how amazingly generous she was with the package; the box was absolutely huge!! You can see in the picture that three of the boxes are empty because they’ve been eaten already. ;) “Diddy” (the nickname she goes by on the blog) is originally from China, so many items had a Chinese theme – for example mooncakes, which I’ve heard so much about but never got around to trying (delicious!), flavoured watermelon seeds, and mix for bubble tea (did you know that I love bubble tea?). She also included a box of Buckeyes since she now resides in in the US, as well as a delicious homemade pumpkin roll cake, chocolate covered pretzels and Russian tea cookies (those last three have already been gobbled up). All I can say is WOW!! Thank you so much! It really made my day and tickled every one of my sweet teeth to a major degree. This Blogging by Mail stuff is so much fun, and I can only hope the partner I’ve sent to is half as pleased – no word yet, but stay tuned…

27 September 2006

Music and Mail

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I am currently enjoying a bit of a musical crush on Orhan Gencebay, after watching the movie Crossing the Bridge and subsequently listening to his contribution to the soundtrack. In the heat of my lust, I discovered some more of his stuff on some excellent Turkish music sites. Although much of his material isn’t quite as interesting to me as the acoustic track from the movie (which was just brilliant), it has not stopped my love-in just yet (and besides, who can resist this GAZE??)

Ahem. In other news, I am so glad that Mariya of The Food Whore Next-Door received her Blogging By Mail package from me, and that it arrived intact. Now I can safely add her to my links without arousing suspicion. ;) Do check out her blog, it’s very dessert-based (yum!). The cupcakes she makes are just stunning, and the other things are so creative. In fact, she just posted about a treat made with agar-agar, which is particularly exciting to me as I don’t do gelatine and am always on the lookout for how to use agar-agar in recipes.

As if in complicity with the arrival of the package to Mariya, the postal service delivered my Blogging By Mail package this morning, from Emily of Chocolate in Context in Australia. The contents are cute and I’m looking forward to trying them. Emily included some Outback Dukkah spice mix, which smells absolutely divine, a little jar of Tasmanian honey, a tiny packet of green tea, and a bar of artisanal chocolate in lovely wrapping. Also she included a newpaper section about food in Australia, and on the cover is a huge picture tempting the reader with recipes for The Perfect Scone, which is auspicious because scones are one of my favourite things to make! Can’t wait to try out the recipes. Thanks, Emily…


13 July 2006

Farmers Market Frenzy

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Farmers market season is upon us, and this year there are plenty within city limits — enough to cover every day of the week except Sunday.
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