4 June 2005

No more plants!

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I am not allowed to buy any more plants for my garden.

Yesterday, Gastronomicon co-author April and I went to Chapon’s Greenhouse in search of the very last thing we wanted for our respective gardens: Thai basil. Sadly, they claim they will not be getting any in this year. Even though I repeatedly asked her to talk me out of buying other plants instead, I walked out of there with five new ones. Of course, someone else came out of there with two new ones, as well. At least I talked myself out of a new windowbox and three everbearing strawberry plants. After bringing everything home and doing some planting, rearranging and uprooting/potting, I now have a full garden, two full windowboxes, and five potted plants on the front porch.
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3 June 2005

Sconey Island

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The scones in Ireland disappointed me. There, I said it. They were dry and tasteless and barely buttery. There was a bakery in Doolin where I was once (so I’d hoped) lucky to get a batch fresh from the oven. To my chagrin, they were not only bland but the texture was more like a biscuit/muffin hybrid. Fishguard, Wales was not much better, although at least they were smart enough to cover the dry little lump with cream and jam. Could this be the way scones are meant to be? For a cluster of islands who are so keen on tea and pastry, I can’t help but suspect it was just bad luck on my part and negligence on theirs. But perhaps my idea of a scone is just too foreign…indeed, my first experiences of the classic teatime delight were not at the hands of a sprightly Welsh or Irish baker, but a regular old American lass.
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