13 July 2006

Farmers Market Frenzy

posted by rlink @ 15:51 to section Food

Farmers market season is upon us, and this year there are plenty within city limits — enough to cover every day of the week except Sunday.
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8 July 2006

Chim Chim Cherry

posted by gastrogirl @ 16:15 to section Cooking

It’s the height of cherry season, and conversations around Gastronomicon HQ are riding an excited buzz about the local Bings, Raniers, and Sours that are soon to show up at the local farmer’s markets. Cherry fever seems to have gripped the rest of the nation, too. For instance, I just discovered an online store that sells Washington State cherries for about 5 times more than what my local supermarket charges. Of course, these cherries are hand-picked, allowed to ripen on the tree, and quintuple-checked against discolouration, softness, size, Scientology affiliation, and all other potential cherry misdeeds. Of course, there is no way I could afford to buy these beauties, so they sit on their website and taunt me with their scarlet words: plump, juicy, tart, ripe…whew. Enough to make a girl want to go to confession for lusting after them.
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1 July 2006

Piscean Pleasures

posted by rlink @ 20:20 to section general

There is nothing quite like being up to one’s elbows in blood, guts, and fish scales at 3PM on a Saturday afternoon.

Furthermore, there is sushi neither fresher nor more satisfying than that cut directly from the body of a living creature caught by one’s own hand and eaten on the spot, before the actual gore-fest commences.