27 August 2006

More Cookies

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This is a copycat recipe, which I initially saw on Bakingsheet, who found it on the Cooking Light website. The original recipe is by Alice Medrich, who is quite renowned for her chocolate expertise. Since I am a huge fan of Alice, and of course anything chocolate, I just had to try these. Nic at Bakingsheet deleted a tablespoon of butter from Alice’s recipe, but I replaced it since 5 tablespoons is already quite low for a cookie recipe. Her idea of placing dried cherries in the cookies is brilliant, and I also chopped up some Callebaut and added that to the mix in lieu of chocolate chips. They are supposed to be low-fat cookies, but no one would ever guess this – they are intensely chocolatey (even more so with the chopped chocolate), slightly chewy, and don’t dry out as quickly as many low-fat desserts do. Kept in a tightly closed plastic container, they lasted me three days, and may have even survived longer had I been able to stop eating them!

Since you can get the recipes above, I’ll just post a quick picture of the result.


17 August 2006

Portable Treats

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Last night I went to see a performance of The Crucible, which by the way was terrific and if you’re in Pittsburgh, do check it out – this is the last week. The play is being performed in a park, so I wanted to bring a little treat to snack on during intermission. Of course, I never consider desserts to be sinful, so bringing something sweet was only natural. No goody-two-shoes Puritanical treat would do, either; rather more fitting would be something that might look plain but is a bit more interesting once you sink your teeth in.

It also follows that I am helpless to fight the baking urge, despite the temperature in my apartment climbing gleefully past the 90° mark. Besides, stovetop treats such as candy would probably not set up in the humidity, and utensil foods (e.g. rice pudding) would be too awkward to eat. So you see, it was quite logical to make cookies. Cornmeal seemed like the right choice, as always feels summery to me. However, most cornmeal cookies I’ve had are plain and crisp, while I prefer a chewier cookie…so the goal was to make something that would both have a pleasant texture and also be welcoming to some other flavours as supporting cast members. A bit of fiddling with an existing recipe produced an excellent result – the chew is just right and the apricot-ginger combination is lovely with tea. It’s probably best to use finely ground cornmeal for this recipe, as coarse or stone-ground will leave tiny nuggets of corniness in the cookies, which is charmingly rustic but perhaps not desirable for a tea cookie. Be mindful to remove the cookies from the oven when they are just lightly golden.


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5 August 2006

The Other Green Fairy

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Drink up, my pretty…


When most people think of green drinks, Absinthe comes to mind.
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